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Garden Fail: My Sad Little Harvest


I’m not ashamed to admit defeat. My garden this year was a total flop. My theories:

1. A little of me being a bad mom. Busy schedule, not pruning, watering, and feeding them enough. I’m not about to get nominated for any gardener-of-the-year awards.

2. A little of the weather. It’s been so, so hot in New York this year, some say it’s too hot for tomatoes to perform at their best. I like this theory.

3. A little bad luck. Maybe my soil didn’t have enough nutrients? Maybe they didn’t get as much sun as I thought? Maybe I just wasn’t meant to have a big tomato harvest this year?

Whatever it is, this sad little bowl sums up the year’s harvest. I had 10 tomato plants, and only 2 actually produced tomatoes. And you can see what few they gave me. Sigh. It’s okay. There’s always next year. I will not let this bring me down!


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2 Responses to “Garden Fail: My Sad Little Harvest”

  1. Katherine says:

    I think it's a beautiful harvest considering what it was up against! I support theory #2. Hot weather=sad tomatoes.

  2. Maria says:

    Ha, thanks! You're too kind. :)


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