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Gone Fig Pickin’


The figs keep flowing in my parents’ New Jersey garden, and this week we finally went to the source. Joe had never been fig picking, and my dear, short parents (Mom is 4′ 10″ and Dad is 5′ 3″) had a surplus of overripe figs on the tree that they just couldn’t reach. So it was a perfect meeting. Fig picking in the suburbs on a bright sunny day…it’s that perfect time of year.

The tree of life.

Close-up in the sun.

Joe’s first picked fig!

Making the tall guy do the dirty work.

Dad’s latest harvest. Yes!

Nothing better than a bowl of figs on a September afternoon.

Remember when I said we never use figs in recipes? I take it back. My sis-in-law invented the perfect meal: Provolone, fig, and mortadella sandwich.

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2 Responses to “Gone Fig Pickin’”

  1. Katherine Gagliano says:

    …and it was deee-licious! I'm craving a Provolone, fig, and mortadella sandwich right now.

  2. Maria says:

    It was so brilliant, I can't believe we've never had provolone/fig/mortadella sandwiches until now. All those years, we've been missing out…


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